Terms & Conditions

Enlisted are the important terms and conditions to be followed:

  • Only participants of a Course/Workshop/Seminar being conducted at MPDD are entitled to avail the facility of MPDD hostel
  • In case two participants share a room, the rent will be shared equally by both
  • In case no co-share is available and single participant is left, half of the rent will be charged with regard to MPDD programme only
  • Occupancy of a room by a single participant is not a right
  • Room may be allotted to a single participant subject to availability and on payment of full rent

These rates may be reduced in case booking required for longer duration as under:

  • Up to 3 days As above
  • From  4-6 days 30%
  • From  7-12 days 40%
  • More than 12 days 50%
One day means from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. In case the function continues after 5 p.m., 10% of original rate shall be charged in addition.Service and maintenance charges shall be charged from Projects / Private Organization as per following rates:
Seminar / Workshop / Training Upto   Rates Per Day

02 days


03 to 10 days


11 to 15 days  


15 days



View the detailed rates list here.