Our Logo

The logo consists of waves, a curvy shape indicating a flying object or a Human figure in a take off position 1 and stars. The logo also represents stylized version of the letters M, P, D and D i.e. the acronyms of Management and Professional Development Department.

Meaning of Shapes:

Waves symbolize different things such as:-

  • The existing condition of public service – going along the waves with no clear direction of its own. They also indicate a turbulent state from where public servants have to rise up and find a new way to destiny.
  • Waves also symbolize constant change to which the civil services must continuously adapt, improvise and to make the most out of challenging situations, keeping in mind the necessity of working within the given circumstances.


Curvy Shape or Flying Object Portrays:-

  • A bird in graceful flight – alert and alive, soaring to new heights.
  • A human figure symbolizes the public servants, attempting to take off from the status quo and gracefully trying to reach the aim of self-actualization and excellence in public service.
  • A desire to progress and confidence to meet the challenges of change and commitment to achieve higher goals.

Stars are the symbol of:

  • Honour, achievement, hope, aim, light of knowledge and future.
  • Goring ahead and following your dreams.
  • Desire to keep soaring towards new heights of competence and bright future for the public servant as well as the general public.

Meaning of Colours

  • Red indicates Motivation, Vibrancy, Vitality, Passion, energy and enthusiasm to peruse ones dreams.
  • Green symbolizes Pro-activeness, growth, hope, ambition to improve, change and transform.
  • Blue reflects Dedication, depth, confidence, intelligence, peace and harmony.
  • Black symbolizes Discipline, Power, elegance and seriousness. It also reflects the desire of a person to come out of darkness and to reach the light.