Frequently Asked Questions

What does Management and Professional Development Department (MPDD) do? Top
Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD) is the apex training department of the Punjab Government established in the year 2002. It conducts various programs for Training and Development of Government Servants which includes Short Duration Courses, Post Induction Courses, Promotion Related Courses and Customized Courses.
Does MPDD has a training institute? Top
Yes, MPDD has Punjab Institute of Management and Professional Development Department(PIMPD) located at J Street Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore where training courses are conducted.
What infrastructural facilities for training are available for the course participants at MPDD? Top
MPDD has an outclass and state of the art training infrastructure which includes Seminar Hall, Conference Hall, Executive Hall, Interactive Class Room, Syndicate Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Computer Lab,  Auditorium, Library and Dining hall. For out station participants facility of well furnished hostel is also available.
What is the slogan of MPDD? Top
Our Slogan is “We don’t say ‘NO’ to any training request”.  
What is Vision of MPDD? Top
Our Vision is “To develop a Motivated, Proactive, Dedicated and Disciplined Public Service”.  
What courses does MPDD offers? Top
MPDD offers following categories of courses:
  • Post Induction Courses 
  • Promotion Related Courses
  • Short Duration Courses 
  • Customized Training Courses
  • Off Campus Courses
  • Workshops 
  • Seminars
In which areas MPDD offers Short Courses? Top
MPDD offers short courses in many areas which include:
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Sector Management
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Office Management
  • Services Law and Rules
  • Financial Management
  • Budget Making
  • Audit Procedures and Settlement of Audit Paras
  • Information Technology
  • Courses for Naib Qasid
  • Project Planning
  • PC I Preparation 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects etc.
What kind of Promotion Related Courses does MPDD offer? Top
MPDD offers promotion related courses for officers of PMS and other Departments as required under their service rules. Some examples are:
  • Courses for promotion of PMS Officers from BS-18 to BS-19
  • Courses for promotion of PMS Officers from BS-17 to BS-18
  • Courses for promotion of Ministerial Staff from BS-16 of S&GAD to PMS/BS-17
  • Courses for promotion of Tehsildars from BS-16 to PMS/BS-17 etc.
What kind of Post Induction Courses does MPDD offer? Top
MPDD offers Post Induction Courses for officers of PMS and other Departments of Punjab Government. Some examples of Post Induction Courses are:
  • Post Induction Course for officers of PMS
  • Post Induction Course for officers of P&D department
  • Post Induction Course for ADLRs of Board of Revenue
  • Post Induction Course for Assistant District Public Prosecutors
  • Post Induction Course for Assistant Director (Legal) Anti Corruption Establishment etc.
What kind of Customized Courses does MPDD offer? Top

MPDD offers different types of customized courses according to the training needs of employees of various departments. Some examples of Customized Courses are:

  • For Population Welfare Officers and Demographers of Population Welfare Department
  • Capacity Building on PPRA Rules 2009
  • Solid Waste Management of Urban Unit 
  • Environment Impact Assessment course etc.
Does MPDD offers off campus courses? Top
Yes, MPDD conducts off campus courses (Training on wheels) in collaboration with various Departments and District Government at District head quarters and Divisional head quarters.
How can I join Training course at MPDD? Top
MPDD circulates its Training Plan to all Government Departments and District Government and requests them to send nominations for course. Government servants nominated by their departments can join training course after receiving confirmation from MPDD.
What is the procedure for availing hostel stay facility? Top
Only Government Servants nominated for a course by the concerned department are allowed to avail hostel stay facility. Except course participants any other person is not allowed to stay in hostel. Participants belonging to Lahore are not provided hostel stay facility. Families of course participants are also not provided hostel stay facility.
What is the arrangement of meals during stay at MPDD Hostel? Top
For the customized courses concerned Government Department makes payment of cost of meals. For other courses including short duration courses charges for meals are paid by the course participants themselves.
Does MPDD charges fee for courses? Top
For short duration courses MPDD charges no fee, whereas for customized courses it charges course fee etc from concerned departments.
Is there any training strategy for Punjab Govt. Servants? Top
MPDD has formulated first ever Training Strategy for Punjab Government Servants and circulated it to all departments and District Government for implementation.
Where is MPDD located? Top
MPDD is situated at J-Street, Scotch Corner, Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore Pakistan.
How does MPDD assist in customizing a special course? Top
A training needs assessment provides the information that is necessary for designing training programmes. TNA is very important for developing an effective training programme for a specific category of trainees. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth training needs assessment for training of all categories of employees. TNA must be conducted by the concerned department / offices in collaboration with experts / stakeholders in training institutes /departments/districts on an annual basis. Initially, the MPDD will develop guidelines for conducting needs analysis and TNA. The departments may hire experts to design and implement needs analysis and TNAs. If the departments decide to conduct training at MPDD or another government institute, TNA report will be given to the institute. The department will assess if the training design will match TNA requirements. 
The basic requirement for carrying out TNA is to have comprehensive job description of each post. Only then the knowledge and skills required for that job can be identified. Therefore, the essential prerequisite of TNA will be the preparation of job descriptions. This exercise on its own will go a long way in understanding and improving the structures, systems and processes of the organization / department.
The MPDD will develop a needs analysis and training needs assessment manual for the department and districts. The manual will incorporate the concepts and methodologies relevant to the assessments and provide a step by step guidance to the departments.
Does MPDD has a policy of periodic review for its course components? Top
MPDD has Curriculum Development Committee (CDC), this committee may review the existing modules for various courses periodically and give suggestions for improvement of the course time to time when needed.
How MPDD maintain its high training standards? Top
MPDD continuously trying to improve its quality of work, for this, in all Training Courses/Modules a feedback Performa is circulated among the course participants to get feedback from the course participants in order to have their views to enable the department to make improvements in various sectors where ever it is administratively and financially possible.