MPDD Library Regulations


Listed below instructions for issue and return of books should be followed:

  • The participants can borrow books from the library. They can however borrow only two books at a time and each faculty member is authorized to borrow five books at a time for the duration of fifteen days. However, on expiry of this period the books can be re-issued twice, provided the books are physically produced before the librarian at the time of re-issue.
  • In case of defaulters a fine of Rs. 2.00 is imposed per day and after a default of fifteen days the matter can be referred to the parent department of the member.
  • In case of loss of a book, the borrower shall either provide replacement or shall pay the cost of replacement as decided by the competent authority In case the book is not available in the market the person responsible would pay double the historic price (recorded purchase price) of the book / material.
  • The participants shall not be granted certificate of completion of training and shall not be relieved until an NOC is obtained from the Librarian. In case of transfer of any officer / official of MPDD, he / she shall not be relieved until a NOC is obtained from the Librarian.