Conducting of workshops and seminars of other departments was started in the year 2008. Government, International and Private Organizations use MPDD training facilities for conducting workshops / seminars. Such organizations include:

  • Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP)
  • Punjab Resource Management Programme (PRMP)
  • Urban Unit of P&D Department
  • Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company (PMDFC) 
  • Punjab Health Sector Reforms Programme (PHSRP)
  • Punjab Education Sector Reforms Programme (PESRP)
  • Decentralization Support Programmed (DSP)

International/Non-Government Organizations include:

  • UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, ADB, CIDA etc 
  • Civil Services Colleges Singapore 

Private organizations include:

  • Descon (PVT) Limited
  • Makro
  • 4 Corner Group Karachi