Short Courses

Short training courses are conducted for officers and officials of almost all departments of Provincial and District Governments in different fields. Duration of such courses is from one to two weeks. Short courses are conducted in many areas including the following:

Course List

  • Public Sector Management & Governance 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Policy Planning & Implementation  
  • Office Management 
  • Financial Management, Budget Making, Audit etc.
  • Project Planning & Management, PC-I Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Presentation Skills, Communication Skills
  • Information Technology Skills
  • Morality, Ethics & Accountability in Public Service 
  • Record Management
  • Workshops on Promotion Policy
  • Workshops on PPRA Rules 2009
  • Workshops on Gender Mainstreaming
  • Workshop on PEEDA Act, 2006
  • High Achievers Development Programmed for position holder students
  • Three days workshop on Writing PERs and Relating Issues 
  • Handling of official papers (secrecy etc.)
  • Training on Wheels (Off Campus Courses)

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