Our Strategy

MPDD issued the first ever training strategy for Punjab Government Employees in 2009. Main features of the strategy are as under:

  • Institutional Development of MPDD
    • Establishment of Research & Training Design Wing
    • Establishment of Coordination, Monitoring & Evaluation Wing 
    • Establishing Regional Campuses in Punjab
    • Provincial Training Coordination Committee
    • Separation and strengthening of department and institute
  • Mandatory Trainings for all Cadres.
  • Training Needs Assessment & Job Descriptions
  • Development of Training Institutions 
  • Training Related Regulations 
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Coordination
    • Developing training linkage between departments & training Institutions
    • Annual Training Plans and implementation report 
  • Financial & Budgetary Issues of training institutions
  • Preparation of Action Plan to implement the Training Strategy