Management & Professional Development Department was established as a full fledge department in view of ever increasing focus on the need of highly trained civil service for provision of improved service delivery to the people.
Punjab Institute of Human Resource Development (PIHRD) was established in 1997 by merging following five Government Institutes:

  • Staff Training Institute (STI)
  • Provincial Civil Services (PCS) Academy 
  • Punjab Revenue Academy (PRA)
  • Project Training Institute (PTI)
  • Audit and Accounts Training Institute(A&ATI)
At the time of establishment, the Institute’s functions consisted of providing training facilities to public servants in Public Administration, Public Finance, Government Functioning, Project Planning and Implementation.
In order to streamline and modernize the training and career planning functions in public sector, a full Administrative Department was created on July 12, 2002 namely as Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD) and the Institute was renamed as Punjab Institute of Management and Professional Development (PIMPD). The mandate of this new department was to impart training to public servants of the province in order to inculcate requisite knowledge, skills, behavior and attitude which would enable them to deliver public services efficiently and effectively.